#forfeit by Caroline Batten – Guest Post

Natalie K. Martin

I am BEYOND excited. Finally, Ms Caroline Batten is publishing her ace book, #Forfeit on 31st July 2014. I’ve been reading drafts of this for some time and she’s super talented, so I’m chuffed to have her on the blog for a quick Q & A. Without any further ado, I give you:

Forfeit Advert_Beige

Give us a quick introduction to your lead characters?

Daisy’s 25 years-old and into dance music, up-cycling old leather jackets handbags into couture handbags and increasing her high heel collection. She’s teaching overconfident posh kids at a private school in the Lakes. It’s hardly her dream job, but she’s got bugger all option after Finn, her actor husband, threw her out.

Xander is our eye candy. He’s a trained chef, but is currently working as a glorified holiday rep.

Visual representation of the characters?

Daisy’s 5’2” with white blonde curly hair and isn’t what she would call,

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