Self-publishing – Three days in

On Thursday 31st July, four years of writing, editing, rewriting and reediting came to an end as I finally published #Forfeit#Forfeit_Cover_3D

Like most authors, I seriously wanted to have that magical moment when an agent said, I love it, please sign with me, before negotiating a six figure, three book deal with one of the big five publishers. After submitting to three agents (one of them twice), I decided that route wasn’t for me. It’s way too demoralising.

Instead, I took heart from the ego boost Wattpad gave me: three million reads and nine thousand followers. If I can get just a fraction of that via Amazon, then I’ll be a happy girl. But how’s it going?

Thursday 31st : 63 sales

I’m blown away by the support of my friends and family. And also slightly terrified they’re all buying #Forfeit but will HATE it and be laughing behind my back. So far one friend read it the same day and loved it. Phew. Just before I go to bed, #Forfeit has a Kindle ranking of 3200 (ish). OMG.

Friday 1st August: 20 sales

Wake up to find #Forfeit has a ranking of 1137 – #58 in the Romance section. The ranks steadily worsen over the day, but sales still coming in and more fabulously, the glowing reviews – not all from people I recognise.

Saturday 2nd August: 12 sales

Whoop, whoop, the paperback goes live. Totally smiling. Also, the proof copy I gave away as a prize on Wattpad finally arrives at its destination in Jamaica. Great photo sent by Tassia, the winner.

So that’s the first few days of being a published author and I’m LOVING it. I’ve been blown away by the support of my friends and family. They’ve bought 77p Kindle editions; they’ve bought £8.99 paperback editions. They’ve done their bit and now it’s time to get #Forfeit out to new readers. There’ll be Facebook adverts, Kindle giveaways, paperback competitions, and it turns out, doing these things is nearly as much fun as writing Forfeit in the first place.



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