Looking for ‘Bouts not Boots

When I tell people I’ve written a book, their first question is inevitably, so what’s it about? Well, I’d reply, a bunch of overconfident, coked-up twenty-somethings playing extreme dares in the Lake District. It’s like Jilly Cooper meets the Swedish House Mafia. At which point, they’d valiantly try not to laugh. Jilly Cooper, in Cumbria… seriously?

Okay, so the north-western county is hardly littered with Cartier-sponsored polo internationals, but I’m determined to find a few nuggets of glamour, just to prove setting #Forfeit in the Lakes wasn’t a ridiculous concept. Surely there’s more to Cumbria than hiking boots, cagoules and farmers who’re overly familiar with their sheep?

Becky & Classy Glassy_cropped

Next week I’ll post a review of Simon Rogan’s restaurant, Rogan & Co, but to get warmed up, here’s a little glamour I found last weekend.

The venue was a riverside barbecue, the excuse my beautiful friend, Becky’s birthday. (psst. that’s her in the pic, not me)

The dress code was more welly boots than black tie, but the barbecue served rare breed pork and handmade burgers. Bunting and sweet peas adorned the marquees, and to top it all, the Pimm’s was served in cut glass punch glasses.

British retro cool at its best.

Glamour rating? 4/5 Louboutins for sheer class. Loved it.



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