Self-publishing – Building a Team

Street Teams. You’ve all heard of them, right? Well, me neither until about a week ago, but the idea is that people join your team and in return for the odd freebie, they help promote your work. Well that sounds pretty win-win, but who has to do what?

There are no hard and fast rules, but generally, the team review the author’s work (honestly) on blogs, Goodreads, Amazon etc. In return, the team members might get freebie swag, advance review copies or signed paperbacks.

Now this I definitely like. So a street team is a bit like a fan club, only instead of a fridge magnet and six-monthly newsletter, you can get your hands on pre-pubished books from your favourite author. Why hadn’t this been in my life before now? I mean, what wouldn’t I do to get my hands on an advance review copy of the next Jilly Cooper book?

And then I got it. This wasn’t about what a street team could do for me, but what I could give back to them.

I have 9,000 followers on Wattpad – some message me, asking when my next book will be out because they adore #Forfeit and have just finished Distraction for the THIRD time. Distraction won’t be out for a few months yet, but I want those loyal Wattpad fans to get the first sneak peeks at the finished article.

Fugly Hos Tshirt 2To kick off my street team, I’m giving the first twenty Wattpadders who join a free Kindle version of Forfeit. Then I’ll pop their names into a rafflecopter hat and give away a signed paperback. And then there’ll be swag, everyone loves swag – I have my eye on Daisy themed wineglass charms, but one day I want to get Fugly Ho t-shirts printed (you have to read #Forfeit to get that)…

Who wouldn’t want to part of that team? 🙂


Want to read more about Street Teams?

Or buy #Forfeit?


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