Self-publishing – The Sales & Marketing Dept

Self-publishing is a whole lot of fun, BUT a whole lot of work. The author part (that writing/editing malarky) is a doddle compared to the publisher part. So far on this journey, I’ve been:

  • Art Dept – commissioning the cover art
  • Production Dept – typesetting the paperback and eBook
  • Finance Dept – setting up spreadsheets to monitor costs and (fingers crossed) income, not to mention getting my head around the whole US Tax thing before ringing the IRS in my lunch hour

And now I’m fully immersed in Sales & Marketing. Job one was the obvious Amazon stuff – book blurbs, author pages. Then onto Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter. Then this website and blog. Then the street team. And now… finally, the newsletter. Phew. The sign-up form is here if you’re interested.

This has been a surprisingly tough one. Mailchimp appears to be most people’s e-marketing tool of choice and it seemed great. Last Friday night (I know how to live) I dutifully sat down to create my newsletter sign-up form. It was a thing of beauty. Back ground colours, fonts, all carefully tweaked to sit harmoniously with my site. Around midnight, the form was done. Right, now to pop it into my site.

Cue an hour of Google searching. At one in the morning I discovered there’s where you can add plug-ins (like Mailchimp) and there’s where you can’t. My beautiful form won’t work here. *pouts* In the end, I’ve opted for a simple Google form for the sign-up and I’ll import it to Mailchimp when I want to do some actual newslettering.

In other Sales & Marketing news this week, Amazon now let indie authors take pre-orders for forth-coming novels. Hurrah. I’m going for a New Year launch for Distraction which means you’ll be able to pre-order your copy in October!

So that’s it now. Everything’s set up and I can crack on with some author work, namely editing the hell out of Distraction.

Oh wait, don’t my Pinterest boards need updating… *bangs head on table*

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