Self-publishing: Swag

SWAG = Stuff We Always Get

Last November, I helped out Kitty French at Totally Booked Blog‘s author event in London. It was a great day – an amazing chance to meet authors such as Alice Clayton and Tara Sivec. Each author sat behind a table they’d artfully decorated with books and perfectly on brand swag. Kitty had chocolates, pens and cute little book tile magnets, while Tara Sivec had such pretty book charms, no one dared help themselves, assuming they were to buy.

WineGlassCharmsMy own street team is growing nicely, so with great excitement, I began trawling Etsy for desirables I can send to my readers. The Book Swag Shop sell all manner of customisable trinkets, my favourite being wine glass charms.

Could there be more perfect Daisy swag?

But as I’m about to place my order, a little devil appeared on my shoulder whispering, or you could make your own… An hour later, the girl who made her own wedding dress because two dressmakers said the dress she wanted was impossible to make* had spent a vast £14 on eBay, buying enough craft goodies to make 200 trinkets.

Parcels of pink and green glass beads, tiny daisy charms and silver heart bails are winging there way to me. Now, all I need to do, is figure out how the hell you make inch-high, perfect replicas of #Forfeit


* Actually, it wasn’t impossible


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