The Official #Forfeit Trailer

Have you used Animoto? It’s freaking awesome, if slightly unhinging for my perfectionist side. Essentially, it’s an easy-peasy way to create a video – for you, your family, your business. You can sign up for free, add a few photos, add a few words, choose a ‘theme’, pick a track and hey presto, when you click ‘Preview’ you create this slick video.

It’s that easy.

But then you notice a typo in one slide. You correct it, obviously, and hit Preview again.

And now your video’s utterly different. The awesome way it used your main characters profile as a backing shot has been replaced by your book cover image and the main title is fighting with the slogan you’ve typed in. Gah. So you make another change. This time, it splits your hero in half, right through his happy trail. It looks painful.

One week. One whole week I’ve been adding spaces, removing spotlights, trying to get the right combination of effects. I had it once. The video lasted 58 seconds. Visually it couldn’t be more perfect if Quentin himself had directed it. Sadly, it cut the music too soon.

So after another few hours of tweaking, here we are – the final cut. I’m sure there was a better version last Friday morning, but I’ll be damned if I can recreate it and I need to get editing Distraction.

May I present, the trailer for #Forfeit. Enjoy.


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