Selfpublishing – Tax Information

I swear, hand on heart, that I completed my Createspace tax information back in July when I got my EIN. I swear it was all fine. (Lesson #1 – Take screen grabs). But about a fortnight ago, I received an email from CS saying my tax info needed completing.

Armed with the confidence of someone who passed the Amazon Kindle Tax Interview with ease, and who got an EIN with ease, I then spent an hour trying to work out where the hell to put my EIN. Then I googled it a bit. Then I discovered other people were wailing in despair too…

Tax Meme

Mercifully, I stumbled across the CS Forum and this thread. You have to read it yourself as I’m not tax expert, but I think if you’re like me, a regular person who’s selling the odd book on Amazon and you live in a country that has a tax treaty with the US, then you DON’T need an EIN or an ITIN.

I know! You just fill out the CS Tax Information saying you’re you, where you live and when you get to the question about having an ITIN or not, you select the ‘I have a Foreign Income Tax No.’ And on the next page you can enter your tax number – so for UK folk, I do believe it’s our National Insurance number.

But go read the forum thread to get the full details. And do read it. Otherwise Cumara will shout at you because he’s repeated himself about eight(y) times.


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