A New Title

I’m currently editing my second novel – it’s title since I wrote the first words back in 2012 has been Distraction. But it’s a title my editor doesn’t like. I argued my case why it was totally relevant. She argued for me to Amazon search it.

#Forfeit was okay – other books using that title were a Dick Francis novel and some erotica title. Sadly, Distraction‘s not quite in the same boat. A gazillion new adult / contemporary romance / erotica titles are either called Distraction or use it as a subtitle. I don’t want to fight against those, or be confused with them.

Which means Libby & Patrick need a new book title. Can you help come up with one?

He’s a mountain biking vet who’s a bit too fond of everything bad for him; she’s a goody-two-shoes who looks like trouble. Here’s the blurb…


If someone comes up with the end result they’ll be showered with platitudes, swag and my undying respect/gratitude/love.

Answers on a postcard / email/ tweet / carrier pigeon.



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