SoberOctober: Day #5 – There’s wine in the house

And I didn’t drink a drop of it.

It was Saturday night and one of our fave meals is thick cut, rump steak from the local butcher’s shop served with green veg and dauphinoise potatoes. Under normal Saturday rules, I’d purchase a bottle of fizz (pre-appetisers) and a decent Rioja – between the husband and I, we’d devour the lot. Now, Mr B isn’t staying sober for October, but then he doesn’t drink like a fish for the rest of the year. Why should he miss out because I want to be good for a month?

So I bought him a bottle of Rioja.

That’s how okay this sobriety lark has been for the past four days.

And it was last night. He drank maybe 2/3rds of the bottle, popped the cork back in and popped the bottle back in the kitchen. And it was fine. I was okay with not having any.

That’s got to be a milestone worth ticking off.


Motivation measures:

Weight? x-1.5. Another half a pound off. I know it doesn’t sound much but when you consider that I went to Pizza Hut for lunch and had steak with dauphinoise potatoes for dinner – that’s got to be worth not drinking for. 

Before and After photos? No. Just no. Did I mention that I’m getting over a cold? My nose is red. 🙂


Check out how Daisy got on when she undertook “Dry-Tober” in #Forfeit…

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