SoberOctober: Day #17 – Motivated

One of the things I’ve adored about my writing journey is connecting with readers. It didn’t really happen until I joined Wattpad, but over 20,000 people have read both Forfeit and Distraction – and I’ve connected with a vast number of them.

Some comment on the books – to crit, to praise, to laugh, to vent.
Some message me to say how I inspire them – which never fails to blow me away.
Some stay with me – they join my street team, they become friends.

The lovely Maia in Norway is drawing me maps of the village in my books – like Jilly Cooper has. I adore those.
Amber, a blogger has changed her profile pic to a photo of her holding a copy of #Forfeit.
And Cynthia, my friend in the US, sent me a pic she found – saying it was perfect for Libby. I agreed and made this very rough teaser. And boy is it rough. I’ve so tampered with it that you can’t see the ballet shoes on the ledge beside her. Perfectly Libby.


NAS is coming soon!


99c until Oct 31st

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