Secondary Characters

And why they’re so much more fun…

In Nearly Almost Somebody, Libby and Patrick are the stars, but it’s Libby’s BFF, Zoe who’s stealing all the limelight. “We need Zoe’s story next,” my readers clamour. To begin with, I was surprised, but then what’s not to love? Zoe’s unashamedly selfish, sexy, gold-digging, devious, manipulative, filthy and a bloody good friend (in the main) to Libby. She’s great fun – and she was a hoot to write. Nothing was ruled out with Zoe. Nothing. And I love her for that.

Libby on the other hand, as much as I love her, I had to make more likeable than she originally started – to be everygirl, someone my readers could identify with. I had to do the same in #Forfeit – make Daisy more relatable, more everyday. I’m glad I did; I think she’s better for it, but I refused to make Daisy too nice. She’s selfish, judegemental, vain – she’s quite like me – but I love her because she’s real (and like me). She’s flawed. Real people aren’t always nice. Real people drink too much. Real people take drugs. Real people sleep with people they shouldn’t. Why is it such a crime to make one of these people the star of the show?

My third book, Afterglow, isn’t going to be loved by everyone. The main characters – Jasmine & Dom – spend a weekend in Bondi Beach getting wasted on Es. Yes, my main character, the sweet and lovely Jasmine, is going to take an E. It’s not her first time and she’s going to enjoy it. Yet, she’ll still be sweet and nice. Okay, there will be a strong strong ant-drugs message – it will be the last E she ever takes, but I’m going to write this main character like I did Zoe – I’m going to let Jasmine run wild and be her real self. I think people will relate to her because maybe they might see a little bit of themselves in her. At least their 25 year-old self.

If you’d like to check out Daisy – grab a copy of #Forfeit today. Or if you’re now dying to see what Zoe gets up to, Nearly Almost Somebody is available on Amazon.



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