NAS Soundtrack #4

Song #4 in the Nearly Almost Somebody soundtrack is another by the very awesome Mumford & Sons. It’s Broken Crown.

The thunder rolled as she climbed out of the shower, now accompanied by flashes of lightening, some lighting the sky, some forking down to the ground. She stood in her bedroom, wrapped in a towel, watching the storm, Hyssop on the dresser next to her. The black clouds seemed endless. The wrath of the Earth Goddess. You had to admire the power.

There was a knock at her bedroom door. What the–

‘You decent?’ Jack said from the other side.

She tightened the towel. ‘No.’

The door opened a couple of inches and his hand appeared through the gap, holding a glass of white wine.

‘It was in the pantry,’ Jack said. ‘It’s Mum’s elderflower wine.’

Libby took the glass and hovered by the door, unsure what to do. Well, being polite was a good start. ‘Thank you.’

‘You didn’t fancy starting a fire,’ he said, his voice a little further away. ‘You know, to see me in the uniform?’

Libby grinned and leaned against the wall. She couldn’t see him and he couldn’t see her. Sweet that he respected she was practically naked in her bedroom. ‘Are there many fires around here? Or is it all dashing off to save kittens from trees?’

‘I reckon I’ve cut more people from wrecked cars than I’ve carried from burning buildings, but I’ve never rescued a kitten. There was a tortoise on the church roof once.’

Libby took a mouthful of the wine. The elderflower tasted so crisp and fresh, the acidity level perfect. ‘Why on earth was it up there?’

‘Well, it had gone up there for the tomatoes.’

‘The tomatoes? Why were there tomatoes on the roof?’

‘Mrs Barratt at number seven had a greenhouse, one of those plastic Wendy house things. The first decent wind and it ended up on the church roof, tomato plants and all. Stan fetched it down, but he didn’t bring all the plants.’

‘But how did the tortoise–’

‘Ah, well, Mr Barratt won the tortoise in the school gala…’

The storm raged while Libby drank her wine, listening to Jack’s tales, letting his easy-going charm obliterate her misery over Robbie. Crikey, he was funny. Thunder boomed and her heart fluttered as she pictured Jack’s mouth, his tousled sandy hair… running her fingers through his tousled sandy hair, kissing his… Wow, where had that come from and what was he talking about? She shook her head, struggling to pay attention to his words, her vision blurring with a million pixelated lights as she glanced at the empty glass in her hand.

The elderflower wine was potent stuff.

And yet she buzzed with confidence. Okay, her hair had part dried into a bedraggled mess, and she hadn’t a scrap of make-up on, but the towel only covered about two feet of her – her legs looked awesome. As she opened the door, his latest story about rescuing old Mr Jenkins from a portaloo faded away. God, he was so cute. Cute, funny, twenty-nine, with lovely green eyes, English, single and honest – he was the one she’d summoned. This was meant to be. And wasn’t it the perfect time while the Earth Mother was venting her wrath at the world…

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