NAS Soundtrack #7

THIS. *sigh* This is where the title comes from.

She’s nearly perfect – He’s almost the one. But with witchcraft, scandal and murder in the village, will anyone find their Somebody?

Robbie took a CD from the table. ‘Track seven is noteworthy. It’s what you should be looking for instead of inappropriate, untrustworthy types.’

Libby studied the CD, Depeche Mode’s 101. Track seven was Somebody.

That evening, she put the CD into her laptop and skipped straight to track seven. Somebody. The track, recorded live, featured nothing more than the singer, Martin Gore, playing piano as he sang about what he looked for in a partner. Libby pressed repeat four times, captivated.

This was what she needed, what she wanted. She wanted somebody to share the rest of her life, know her innermost thoughts, her intimate details. She wanted somebody to put their arms around her and kiss her, tenderly.

I want my ‘Somebody’.


If you’d like to buy Nearly Almost Somebody, you can get this 436 page Award-winner for just £1.99 / $2.99 from Amazon


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