Walking in Daisy’s Black Gucci Knee Boots

Once a month or so, I head out with a few girlfriends for dinner (and wine) and one of our favourite destinations is the Blacksmith’s Arms.


It’s a proper country pub with great real ales, a fab wine list and Xander-quality food. Favourite menu items include warm Cajun chicken salad, goats cheese tartlet, confit duck, roasted lamb rump with fondant potatoes… *sigh*


But want to know a secret? It’s also the inspiration behind the Miller’s Arms – the pub Daisy and Xander are having dinner in when he drops the “Bombshell”. This is where they sat, the fire Daisy stared into…


If you’re ever in the Lake District, check out the Blacksmith’s Arms – and ask for the “table by the range”. You’ll be walking in Daisy’s black Gucci knee boots.


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