#Forfeit in Your Ears!

Do you listen to audiobooks?

I’ll admit – I don’t, but my mum does and several friends swear by them as a distraction in the gym. I’d never thought about making them until a lovely reader messaged me to ask if I’d thought about doing audio books as her daughter who’s blind, would adore #Forfeit. Well, I had to look into it, didn’t I?

A quick Google-search later and I discover Amazon have set up ACX – a place where authors and publishers can find narrators and producers so together we can make audio books as painlessly as possible. Later that same day, I added my books. Woo hoo for step one being easy-peasy.

Now, I could’ve sat back and waited for narrators to come to me, but realistically would they ever know I exist? Instead, I spent an afternoon trawling ACX and listening to the sample audio files narrators have uploaded. I messaged ten of them, letting them know a little about my books and me – then I sat back and waited.

Nine out of ten got back to me within three days – that’s pretty good, right? Several were interested but not available and four submitted auditions. Another two narrators who I hadn’t messaged, also submitted auditions. They were all really awesome, but one stood out for me. Her name is Hannah Platt and the superstar is also up for a 50:50 split royalty deal which means I call off the crowdfunding and concentrate on writing! Woo hoo for step two going way beyond my expectations.

What’s next? Well, Hannah is nose-deep in #Forfeit, but she’d like a list of the characters and a v short description of them, like where they’re from, what do they talk like. But where possible, Hannah would like a ‘real-life’ person to match the character. Eek – too hard!

Do you know any famous people or characters from TV/movies who you think are like any of the #Forfeit crew?

So far, I have:

Xander = Max Irons, posh, public school educated, confident, relaxed
India = Patsy off-of AbFab (but when she’s 30, not 50)

Beyond that, I’m stumped. I’ve always thought of who my characters looked like; now I need to get my ass on You Tube and start finding out what they sound like.

Help Real People

If you can help me pick some “real” people to illustrate my characters, I’ll pop your name into a hat for a prize draw to win a signed paperback and fab SWAG.


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