Q&A with author Caroline Batten

I’ve been interviewed! Check out the awesome Isabelle Andover’s blog…

Isabelle Andover

Caz@L'Enclume_Med  Back in 2013 when I joined Wattpad, I discovered some great writers who have since gone on to be published. Caroline Batten, author of #forfeit and Nearly Almost Somebody, was one of them.

As soon as I started reading Nearly Almost Somebody (then known as Distraction), I knew that I’d love it. The cat in the first chapter may have caught my attention, but it was the cast of characters and the plot twists that kept me hooked. Who knew there could be this much scandal in the Lake District?

I instructed my colleague to read the story, and for two days we did very little else. Before work, after work, during work… we just couldn’t stop reading it. The number of coffee breaks we took tripled as we eagerly discussed the latest plot twist, the morals of the main character, and how we secretly wanted to move to the Lakes since there…

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