NaNoWriMo: Day 4-5

I’m on par at just over 8400 words. In equal parts of terror and excitement, I’ve realised I have one chapter of material I can reuse, but after that, I think I’ll be staring at a blank page.

Here’s a little excerpt from today’s new words:

He wanted to touch her, to feel if she were real. ‘I can’t believe you’re here.’

She flashed a smile, her eyes twinkling. ‘Don’t think it’s for your benefit. You stood me up, asshat.’

He laughed. ‘Yeah well, you stood me up too.’

‘You stood me up more.’ Still smiling, she perched on the stool beside him and flicked her hair over one shoulder. ‘I got held up at work. I was late. You’d buggered off to Vanuatu on a yacht.’

I learned something interesting about my heroine, Jasmine tonight. She’s the kind of girl who says, asshat.


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