New Year, New Me, New Books

For most of my life, I never bought into the idea of New Year’s Resolutions – they were just noble aims most people forgot about by mid-late January. But a few years ago I made a fairly vague resolution, to progress my dream to be an author, and it kind of worked…

2010: I write THE END on Forfeit.

2011: I bravely upload my book on Authonomy – a writing community –  seeking reviews/feedback and begin the arduous road of editing.

2012: I submit Forfeit to agents and write Distraction.

2013: Distraction becomes an insta-hit on Wattpad and buoyed by the fact readers actually love my work, I beg a favour from an old friend and get feedback from a real-life fiction editor. Her feedback, my success on Wattpad and a day with erotic author Kitty French spur me on to publish Forfeit. I commission a structural editor.

2014: #Forfeit goes on sale and I rewrite and rename Distraction =>Nearly Almost Somebody. I attend not one, but FOUR author signing events where I meet readers who’re fangirling me. Wasn’t expecting that.

2015: Nearly Almost Somebody goes on sale.

2016: Hmmm… now what?

When I launched #Forfeit, I had every intention of rolling out a new novel every six months. NAS wasn’t far off, but getting Afterglow on shelves by November 2015…  unrealistic to say the least. I have a full-time job, I’m mother to a 7 year-old, my husband and I are starting a renovation project with the last one barely finished… I’m kinda busy. That said, I don’t like making excuses – I’d rather plan better.

So here’s my new, über-realistic plan for 2016:

  1. Publish Afterglow — my third book, the one about backpackers behaving badly in Sydney
  2. Write Flora Pip Book #1 — a kids book about fairies, elves, blind ogres and rocking horse poo. Seriously.
  3. Drink less wine — at least 3 AFDs (Alcohol Free Days) a week.
  4. Drink more water — suspected kidney stones at Christmas were not pleasant.
  5. Smile more. 🙂

What are your resolutions?

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