One Step Closer To The Dream

Mulberry… Fortnum & Mason…

Regular followers will know, I have a dream. One day I will own a pair of Louboutin heels and have somewhere fabulous to wear them – in the Lakes. (Ideally, my own swanky book launch party at the Samling, but other Michelin-starred venues are available.)

Today, I took a step towards that dream. It’s my birthday tomorrow and like most people I know, I don’t need anything. But there are lots of things I want. A new pair of Uggs (mine are trashed), most of everything on Not On The High Street, and a totes high end handbag.

I’m a working mum; it’s hard to justify spending stupid money on frippary, but the other night, I thought why can’t I splash out on something special? After all, I need to be able to say, ‘it was a gift from my husband for my 28+12th birthday…’ about something fabulous. Forget what I wanted; clearly, I needed a Mulberry handbag.

And so, just after two this afternoon,  a little bit of glamour hit the Lake District. The packaging couldn’t be lovelier (see the thank you message below) and the bag felt every bit as sumptuous as it looked on Fearne Cotton’s arm in Grazia. To top things off, my awesome boss gave me a Fortnum and Mason hamper!

Could I be more of a Jilly Cooper heroine? Right now, I feel as if I could seduce Rupert Campbell-Black with the mere jiggle of my arse as I made scambled egg. (You maybe need to read Polo to get that.)

5/5 Louboutins for my classiest birthday ever!


The finishing touch inside the Mulberry carrier bag

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