#Forfeit Soundtrack – Book Trailer

This week, I was supposed to be posting a track to go with Chapter Five (I’m not doing a track for all 37 chapters – that would take most of the year!) but yesterday, Amber from Cosying Up With Books tweeted this track, saying it was written for #Forfeit. I think she’s right.

From Chapter Four:

His lips were still on her neck, his thumb brushing over her collarbone.

Warily, Daisy looked up, but Xander’s eyes twinkled back at her. OMG, it wasn’t just a stupid dare. Her smile grew. As did Xander’s. He liked her.

Before she lost her nerve, she kissed him again and to her relief, he pulled her closer, teasingly biting at her bottom lip. She was so going to owe Clara twenty quid.

‘I guess this proves my point,’ she said between kisses. ‘It really would be complicated.’

With his lips still against hers, he smiled and gave the tiniest nod. Oh why were they in James’ house, why couldn’t they be somewhere more private? Like her bed. There was no doubt that Xander was as up for it as her.

‘Can we get out of here?’ she whispered. ‘Back to the party… or something?’

He opened his mouth, but quickly closed it again, scowling.

‘What?’ Had she pissed him off? ‘I’m sorry, I just–’

He shook his head, smiling before glancing around as if he were looking for the right words. Instead, he picked up her phone and typed a message.

Can’t leave. Not yet. Still playing game.

Okay, but why… She laughed, getting it. ‘You can’t talk?’

He shook his head.

‘Your dare?’

He nodded.

‘But if you talk, you lose and we can get out of here.’

No, he typed. Want to win.

‘More than party with me?’

He nodded, but Daisy had other ideas. Mischievously, she wriggled closer, pressing against him, adoring how he stifled a groan and looked up at the ceiling.

Stop it.

‘No. If you talk, you lose and I have more chance of winning the pot.’

Do a deal? If I win, or you win, we share and get money back.

Her smile grew more coquettish. ‘I’m in, but what on earth will we do in the meantime?’

Xander flashed that Colgate smile and with his hands holding her face, he kissed her, making her truly grateful she wasn’t standing up. How could she when her entire body appeared to be made of spaghetti?

One thought on “#Forfeit Soundtrack – Book Trailer

  1. Oooooh yes! I like it. Definitely #Forfeitesque! I only just saw this or I’d have reblogged for my Midweek Meltdown. I’ll add it to my actual playlist though 🙂 Good call, Amber!

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