The Novel Previously Known as Distraction has a new title!!

Last week I admitted defeat and accepted that Distraction ought to have a new title – there are too many books out there with the same title. After a brainstorming session over a bottle of wine brought nothing more original than The Broken Ballerina, I went to Twitter and Facebook for help. One of the first to jump to the challenge was my friend Liz. And this girl’s got previous too. She came up with the name for Kat French’s Undertaking Love.

Bearing in mind that the Novel Previously Known as Distraction is about an ex-Ballerina living in a Cumbrian village, Liz came up with the fabulous title of…

Swan Lake District

*smiles*  If you’d like to sample more of Liz’s fabulous humour, go check out her book Molly Ringwald’s Cardigan on

Okay, so Swan Lake District isn’t the title I’m going for, but Liz did come up with a whole raft of ideas, including the suggestion that I might use a phrase from the book. Which is what I did. And reading through the odd snippet, I found my inspiration and so the title was born…


Couldn’t have done it without you, Liz. And to say thank you, I’ll pop a copy of #Forfeit in the post.


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