Going Sober

In #Forfeit, Daisy does it, so it seems churlish for me to make my character go through something I wouldn’t do myself. As of Wednesday, I’m going sober for October. *gulp*

I’ll admit to being slightly nauseous apprehensive at the idea – this will be the longest I’ve gone without something with a percentage written on the side since… well, since I started drinking aged about four sixteen. Even being pregnant didn’t stop me having the odd glass of wine. It’s going to be hell, right? But let’s focus on the positives:

  1. My skin will glow with untold radiance (because of all the water I’ll be drinking)
  2. My second book will be edited in superquick time (it’ll be a great distraction from wine cravings – oh the irony)
  3. I will lose weight (as I reckon 50% of my calories come from wine)
  4. I will be fitter (as I’ll be going to the gym when I can’t have wine)

And less selfishly, I will raise loads of money for charity. I really love my wine. This is going to be the toughest challenge I’ve faced since learning to walk again after a car crash fifteen years ago. So wallets out, I deserve your donations and your sponsorship.

Now, who’s with me? And if you’re not with me, please sponsor me!




And if you want to see how Daisy gets on in “Dry-Tober”, then check out #Forfeit…  Facebook Ad



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