SoberOctober: Day #2 – Dinner at the Pub

Tough challenge for Day Two – dinner at my local pub to say goodbye to friends who were going home to Australia. Usually when we go to the pub, and we go at least once a week, I’ll consume two pints of lager and maybe a small (125ml) of red with dinner. Tonight I focussed on the fact I could eat what I wanted because I wouldn’t be tanking up on booze-based calories too.

I’d planned on trying elderflower cordial, but the pub sold Becks Blue – an alcohol free lager. It does seem kind of like cheating to have a lager substitute, but if it makes a night in the pub bearable, then I’ll give it a go. And you know, it wasn’t half bad. I have San Pellegrino water at home, and something different for the pub. Loving it. Day Two – Easy.


And the motivation measures?

Weight? x+0

Before and After shot? Meh, not brave enough yet. 


Check out how Daisy got on when she undertook “Dry-Tober” in #Forfeit…

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