SoberOctober: Day #3 – Swag

An odd thing keeps happening between 3-4pm, I get this mild panic take over me when I remember that I can’t drink. Seriously. It’s mild and fleeting, but it just shows why I end up having a glass of wine most nights. Odd thing is, once the moment has passed I’m fine again. But it’s more or less at the same time every day. I wonder if it’ll go by the end of the month? Even if it doesn’t, at least I know it doesn’t mean anything, that the time will pass and I can merrily drink Becks Blue or San Pellegrino for another evening.

I had a good distraction tonight – yes, I know I have a book to edit and I know I have a book to read, but new toys arrived! A jewellery makers pliers set – wire cutters, flat pliers and round nose pliers. Okay it might not rock your world, but it meant I could sit down and make some of these babies:


They’re keyrings for my fabulous street team – well some will get these, some will get wine glass charms – luck of the draw. To make them I’ve glues book images to dog tags then laminated them with epoxy stickers – that was the easy bit. Then I had to learn how to work with ‘jump’ rings (little silver rings joining the bits together, and trickier still, how to take a pin, thread a bead onto it, then turn the end into a neat(ish) loop to hang it onto the keyring. All done with my natty round-nosed pliers. #morelifeskills

Quite impressed with the end result. Hope the street team like them too!


Today’s motivation measures?

Weight? x-1. Considering I had steak stroganoff with chips last night, that’s pretty impressive. Hurrah! 

Before and After shot? Maybe tomorrow.


Check out how Daisy got on when she undertook “Dry-Tober” in #Forfeit…

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One thought on “SoberOctober: Day #3 – Swag

  1. I like your keyrings. They’re totally cute! And to think that you did them by yourself, it is impressive. Good job =)

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