SoberOctober: Day #8 & 9 – Living in the Lakes sometimes SUCKS

And it’s mostly to do with communications technology and the lack thereof. I live in a valley with no mobile reception. I know. There’s barely a patch of the Far East without reception, but Cumbria? #deliverance

(I’m allowed to say that – I was born and bred here)

But you know. I can cope mostly as we have BT Broadband. Except for yesterday and most of today. Even as I type, I have no idea if this will actually post, so this will be brief.

It’s day 9 which means a whole week has been sober free. I survived a weekend AND watching the Great British Bake Off sans vin. It is a tad wearing at times… roast chicken without a glass of decent, barely chilled Chardonnay? ugh. Paella without rioja… actually, I couldn’t face that so I made some crappy pasta dish instead.

It’s hard. I’m doing it. You’re not. So sponsor me. Nuff said.


Motivation measures:

Weight? X – 2 

Before and After? Like my broadband could cope with a photo. I’ve had better dial up.



Check out how Daisy got on when she undertook “Dry-Tober” in #Forfeit…

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