SoberOctober: Day #10-13 – Enjoying myself sans vin

Turns out, it’s possible.

At the weekend, I went to the pub with friends, had dinner and several bottles of Beck’s Blue and didn’t actually spend the entire time thinking, I WANT A BEER. In fact, the nearest I got was when  a friend ordered a small glass of merlot and I mused over how that was one of the things I was looking forward to in November – a lovely glass of a decent red.

And I’ll have one. Which kinda makes me feel like an utter fraud. You see, over the last two weeks I’ve picked up some new followers of my little blog (I’m as shocked as anyone) and two of these followers (*waves at the beautiful Ellie and the very chic A*) are doing this sobriety lark for real. Ellie started out in October, and A has been totally sober since February. I want to apologise to both of them for the booze I’ll be back on come November.

That said, change is on the cards. You see, I’ve discovered:

1) My world doesn’t end if I have no wine of an evening – in November the only booze allowed in the house will be on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

2) I can have fun sans wine of an evening. I quite like being the sober person in a room full of tipsy folk; they provide excellent book material!

3) I get three times as much done in an evening when I don’t make dinner with a glass of Rioja in one hand.

BUT, and it’s quite a big but…

I haven’t written a word of Nearly Almost Somebody since September 30th. Not one. I’ve mulled a few things over, I have scenes between Zoe and Ed playing on a loop in my head, but can I write a sentence? Nope. Time is an issue. And tiredness is an issue.

Seriously, when does this bouncing out of bed start?

Jokes. I’m doing good, I’m proud that I’ve nearly made it to the halfway point and I haven’t actually been an arsey cow.

If you fancy cheering me on, you can sponsor me here:


Motivation measures:

Weight? X – 3.5!!  Yeah, baby.

Before and After? I’ve even given up taking photos. Still.



Check out how Daisy got on when she undertook “Dry-Tober” in #Forfeit…

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One thought on “SoberOctober: Day #10-13 – Enjoying myself sans vin

  1. UM, NO apologies necessary! I sincerely enjoy following your month long journey and your future journey- even if it does include alcohol. Seriously, I don’t judge and I may drink again one day as well. Love your writing and following you! xo -Ellie

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