SoberOctober: Day #20-26 – The End Is In Sight

Wow, I haven’t posted for a while about my sobriety. Update needed. Well, I still haven’t touched any booze (so long as you don’t count Becks Blue which has less than 0.05% alcohol in it!) but with only five days left to go, I am preparing for November 1st.

I’ll admit to purchasing a case of red from Laithwaites, BUT I have absolutely no intention of getting hammered. I’ll no doubt end up way too tipsy, but I suspect it’ll be on two glasses, not a bottle. We’ll have steak and dauphinoise potatoes (our fave Saturday night dinner) and share a bottle of Malbec. I’ll savour every sip, not sink it like it’s beer, and I’ll have a glass of San Pellegrino water with each glass of wine. And that’ll be it. One bottle of wine will be opened, not two. And I’ll be happy with that.

I’m looking forward to that first sip. A lot. I’m not looking forward to a hangover. Or regrets. I’ve had a month of no regrets – I don’t want to go back to them.

In other news, concern has been growing over my new cheese habit. I’ve been replacing my empty wine calories with cheese, crackers and assorted nuts (brazil, hazel and cashew usually). All very yummy, but what if when I start having the odd glass of wine again, I still have the cheese and biscuits? I’ll be the size of a house in no time. Noooo.

Fortuitously, my cheese habit got knocked on the head yesterday when I took my DD to see Box Trolls. Right now, I’d rather vomit over my own head than eat cheese again. Every cloud…

Now all I need is to get get my writing head back on.




99c until Oct 31st



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