SoberOctober: Day #27-28 – Fan Art

I always considered my writing to be a selfish thing – purely because of the time it distracts me from my husband and daughter. I did it for me and being perfectly honest, if they asked me not to do it, well, I’m not sure I could give it up. A month sans vin… meh, okay. A month without writing… *palpitations*

But when I finally published #Forfeit and the paperbacks arrived, my daughter was blown away that I’d made them. It might be selfish, but it’s also showing my daughter that if you have a dream, then you make it happen.

And it’s so cool to know my little girl is proud of me. She’s helped make swag for my readers and street team – it’s not child exploitation, honest! She has a #Forfeit keyring on her school bag. And every now and agan, she’ll rustle up a picture for me. This is from the other day. A reminder of who’s my biggest fan…


The first piece of fan art I ever received was from BoneTags, a Wattpad reader. I will treasure this forever because when Moira shyly told me she’d done a drawing of Daisy and Xander, I couldn’t believe it. I was astounded people were reading my books, let alone loving them so much they’d be inspired to create art for me. I love Wattpad for creating such a supportive network.


Have you ever received any fan art – or made any?

Oh, weight = x – 1 (but I feel okay)

Before and After? Do you know, I might brave some photos when this is all over…




99c until Oct 31st



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