#Forfeit Soundtrack – No. 7

Track Seven on the #FORFEIT playlist is Addicted To You by Aviici…

Minutes passed, but by the time the ambulance arrived, Tabitha’s eyes had begun to flutter. Daisy almost cried with relief.

‘I’ll be back in a sec,’ Finn said, darting over to the paramedics.

She stared bewildered as Finn chatted with the paramedics and stroked Tabitha’s brow. Alone, half-dressed in a Manchester club… what the hell should Daisy do now? Mercifully, Finn soon came back over, his relief palpable.

‘They think she overheated. She’ll be kept in overnight, but she’s okay.’ He looked down at Daisy with nothing but concern in his eyes. ‘Are you okay, Dee?’

Daisy nodded and they followed the stretcher. How the hell would she get home?

‘Daisy?’ Tabitha tugged the oxygen mask off. ‘I had an awesome time. Shall we do it again next week?’ She tried to give her silly, tinkly laugh but as it faded to a cough, she let the paramedic put the mask back over her face. Tabitha had never looked more fragile or bizarrely, more beautiful.

Finn engulfed Daisy in hug and she sheltered against him, desperate for the comfort.

‘Do you want to get a drink at the bar next door?’ he asked, gently lifting her chin to face him.

‘I have to go home.’ Daisy took out her phone. Six Facebook notifications waited. She’d been tagged in three photos. ‘Xander’s going to find out about this and he’s going to kill me.’

‘Then don’t ring him.’ Finn slipped a hand around her waist.

Oh shit. ‘I have to go home.’

‘No, you don’t.’

His hand drifted down, over the curve of her arse and Daisy fought not to drag her fingers through his hair, not to press her body against his. That familiar aftershave, those mesmerising eyes… What if?

‘This is a very nice dress,’ he whispered, ‘but you’d look much better out of it.’

The hand on her waist, slid up her back then moved forwards until his thumb skimmed over an instantly hard nipple. Oh dear God. His eyes dared her to stop him.

She didn’t.

‘I have a suite at the Lowry,’ he said, his breath brushing her cheek.

Oh Christ, he’d pulled her closer. Or had she moved? Only millimetres of hot, electric air stood between them.


Now, why hadn’t she said it aloud?


She reached up, running a hand through his hair. He closed his eyes and she gave in, pressing herself closer. His heart thumped in his chest as her thumb traced over his lips, so familiar, so perfect, so fucking snoggable. He kissed her lingering thumb, just kissed it, but he may as well have stuck his hand in her pants. She wanted him. Badly. And from the look in his eye, she’d say the love of her stupid life wanted her just as much.

This was it, the answer to everything. Her and Finn. It wouldn’t be like before. They’d be different. They’d have kids, she’d say sorry, they’d be happy. Why had she ever bloody left?


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