#Forfeit Soundtrack – No. 12

Ta-Da!!! We’ve made it to the end of the #FORFEIT soundtrack. Thanks for following me and my little ramblings. If this song doesn’t make you smile then nothing will. It’s Tom Odell’s Grow Old With Me

He turned her around and when he kissed her, Daisy had to cling to his t-shirt to stay upright – her legs, as ever, turning to spaghetti.

‘You know,’ Xander said, his fingers trailing down the bumps of her spine, ‘you don’t need handcuffs to prove you trust me. I know you trust me.’

Ducking out of his arms, hoping to hide her burning cheeks, Daisy headed for the door, grabbing the gift bag along the way. ‘But proving I trust you was only half the reason for my little shopping spree.’

‘And the other half?’ Xander called, that Colgate smile taking over his face.

She shot him her cheekiest wink and left.


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