#Forfeit Soundtrack – No. 10

Here’s No.10 in the #FORFEIT soundtrack. Such a fun song I was almost tempted to write in a flashmob scene. It’s Marry Me by Bruno Mars.


He waited for her to look up. ‘Marry me?’

‘What?’ Was he serious?

‘You need to know I’m for real, that I’m not going to shag around, and I need to know you know that so you won’t.’ There was no cheeky smile or glint in his eyes. He was serious. ‘Do you want me to get down on one knee?’

‘No. So you want to get married so neither of us shag around? That’s your romantic proposal?’ Still stunned, she couldn’t look away from his eyes.

‘Christ, you’re hard work. Why can’t you just say yes, like any other girl I asked would?’

She swatted his arm.

‘I want to marry you because it’s what people who love each other do.’


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