Happy New Year!

Resolutions Anyone?

Resolutions 2

In previous years, my New Year’s Resolutions have been nothing more than, “To progress in my dream to be a published author.” And for the last few years, I’ve accomplished this little lot (along with a lot of procrastination, forum time-wasting and continual rewrites)…

Year One – Finish the Book
Year Two – Let people read the Book
Year Three – Sent the Book to Agents
Year Four – Self-publish the Book

It’s been an awesome journey and last month, I had my best sales to date: 175 sales and 300+ Kindle Unlimited downloads. Hurrah.

So what about 2015? Well, this year, my resolution is to publish not one, but TWO books – Nearly Almost Somebody will be out in February, and with a following wind, Afterglow will be out in September. Double Yey!!

Those are my resolutions, what are yours?


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