I Am Still Here. Promise.

Seriously rubbish – that’s what I’m being. My head is so up Nearly Almost Somebody’s ass, I’ve stopped replying to emails – to newsletter and street team applicants, to wattpad.com book comments, even to my friends and beta readers who’re asking when NAS will be ready for them to read.

That’s so not cool, right?

I keep ignoring my emails or posting anything on my blog because I need to spend every second I can on NAS. A week’s skiing hasn’t helped. Nor a few out of office hours training courses. Nor a trip to Newcastle for my DH’s birthday present. But they’re excuses.

And that’s sooo not cool right?

So quick update. I am still alive. I am working my cotton socks off on NAS. Pinky promise. But when’s it coming out? Well, if you want to know that, you need to pop your ass over to Orchard Book Club on Sat 28th Feb at 9pm. I’ll be taking over for an hour and more excitingly I’ll be…

  • Revealing the NAS cover
  • Revealing the NAS launch date
  • Revealing a super exciting competition… da-da-daaaaah!

So if you want to be part of the fun, come say hi! Saturday 28th February – 9pm

Orchard Pic

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