Dublin – here I come!

I’m totally excited! This Friday I’m getting on an Easyjet flight and heading over to Dublin for the Book of the Irish author event. It’s going to be so much fun: 17 sassy authors and 5 super hot cover models (of the male, ripped abs variety)…

Dublin Banner

Have you ever been to an author event book signing? They’re a little different to the signings where you queue in Waterstone’s to buy a £25 hardback. At an event there’ll be a stack of authors, some of who you’ll have heard of, others you haven’t. (And we usually have a glass of wine stashed behind our on-brand tablecloths.) Most are selling paperbacks for £5, giving away swag and are happy to sit down and just have a natter with you. It’s a great way for readers to meet authors they love, and for authors to really get to know their readers.

As lovely as it’s going to meet some new friends, I’m also going to be catching up with authors, bloggers and readers I met in March at the Orchard Book Club Author Event in Peterborough.

One of the highlights of that weekend was when Kelsey Burns told Cameron Lincoln (who she’d never met IRL before) to “put your drink down and say hello properly!” No one, including Kelsey, had any idea what saying hello properly actually meant, but it became a hashtag for the weekend.

If you’re able to get to the Radisson Blu Royal hotel in Dublin on Saturday 11th July at 1pm – then come and #sayhelloproperly!

Dublin Banner

Book of the Irish (Dublin)
Saturday 11th July 2015

Is there a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?


If you can’t make Dublin, I’ll also be signing in Birmingham and Aberdeen this summer:

Second City Signing (Birmingham)
Saturday 18th July 2015

Silver City Signing (Aberdeen)
Saturday 15th August 2015

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