The Domestic Anti-Goddess

Now I’ll admit I’m not the greatest of domestic goddesses because there’s always a new book to write, but this… *hangs head in shame* PhotoFrame The photo frame in Exhibit A has been on a 60 degree wash. I know. What level of crazy does a person have to be to do that? Everyone knows you should only wash glass at 30 degrees, right? #fail Mr B stared at me in utter disbelief, asking how? Well, our washer is in the utility room and the wall cupboards have a lot of crap on top of them (yet bugger all inside – go figure). Sometimes, when the washer gets a little vigorous, the crap falls off the units. I can’t tell you the number of times that photo frame has hit the tile floor and not broken. I guess one time, it had a soft landing in the whites basket and I didn’t notice it when I picked up the whole load and put it in the washer.

Now, how the hell do I make sure there are no glass shards in my daughters bedding? :s Absolute ‪#‎epicfail‬ #headinbooks

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