New Hair – Cruella Style?

Cru3Last weekend I was at the Birmingham Book Signing event and on the Saturday night there was a book-related fancy dress party. I went as Cruella Deville… black outfit, dalmation on a lead, gloves, fur stole and ludicrous wig.

You have to love wearing a wig – it’s what really let’s you escape being you and instead be a character. I used to take part in local pantomimes and wherever possible I wore a wig – even if it was just a ludicrous ponytail extension. My Cruella wig arrived kinda flat and straight, but a photo on Google Images promised me it’d look like this with hairspray…


Not entirely sure what hair glue they’d used, but half a tin of Elnett did give mine a lot of Rita from Coronation Street volume (and sensory flashbacks to the nineties when my BFF single-handedly destroyed the ozone layer).

Anyway, that evening in Birmingham, the erotic author megastar that is Jodi Ellen Malpas asked what my hair was really like because the wig really suited me.

I know.

That wig. Hmmm. So I dug out a photo of me with my usual hair and, well quite frankly, JEM clearly thought I was more of a Sharon Osbourne than a Fern Cotton. Devastated wasn’t the word, but it has made question just how long a girl should keep the same hairstyle for. I always say that my blonde bob is my trademark – but does it still suit me?

Caz@L'EnclumeOn Saturday I’m off to the hairdressers for a bucket-load of highlights and a cut. Question is – should this look stay?

And if it doesn’t what should take it’s place?


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