Photoshop Blues… and pinks and greens…


I’m going through a Bokeh phase at the moment with my marketing ads. You can go Google it, or you can accept my rubbish description that Bokeh is a blurry background effect, mostly with lights. After watching a YouTube Photoshop tutorial, I made this:

Facebook Advert - Bokeh

I’m totes in love with it I think it turned out really well and the Facebook ads I’ve used it on have performed better than usual. Hurrah.

This year, I’m going to four author signing events, so I thought I’ve get some business cards made – natty ones with rounded corners I can give away as SWAG. So I checked out Zazzle and Moo and Vistaprint and I got busy with my design. It was all going well until I converted my pretty bokeh background from RGB (so fit for screen use) to CMYK (fit for print use). And it all went wrong…

Bokeh - RGB to CMKY Pain

The pic on the left is the RGB original; the pic on the right the ghastly CMKY transtlation. But they’re no different my lovely husband said. *sigh* Possibly if I’d done the CMYK version first, I’d be happy with it, but in comparison to the one of the left, I’m not. I like the colours in the RGB version more – the green is cooler, less yellow and the pink is pink, not erring towards red. And no matter how many levels and adjustments I make… I can’t get the CMYK version ot look as good as the RGB version.

My options… suck it up and accept that most of the rest of the world won’t notice the difference (even if I have to have a little weep over them), or get a graphic designer / photoshop whizz to help me out.

Any takers? You can have a free Kindle edition of #Forfeit…



One thought on “Photoshop Blues… and pinks and greens…

  1. I could ask when do you need this for and you will probably say ‘yesterday’ Have you tried to save your .jpg as a pdf, which in effect takes a snap shop of wysiwyg, and then save that to a cmyk? Without taking the time to look I can’t offer any other advice….and no free time until after panto sorry x Lillian

    Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2015 19:03:46 +0000 To:

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