Fortuitous Research

I love doing research, not just because you get to learn something new, but also because of the interesting tangents it can send your book in. I’m working on Nearly Almost Somebody rewrites at the moment (ready for the big launch in Feb – eek!) and I have a scene where Zoe is in a coffee shop. To set the scene, I gave this description:

After shedding her mac and taking out her book, Zoe folded herself onto an oak chair and sank back against a purple velvet scatter cushion. All credit to Mr Coffee Shop, the place was a little oasis of boho class. Zoe smiled at the three blackboards hanging side by side on the wall: Eat, Listen, Ponder. Under the first were the daily specials, under the second was trackl ist of the eclectic music they’d be playing, and under the latter was a quote:

Oh, better come up with a quote of the day then. Off I trot to Google and since Zoe has gone to the coffee shop to see a bloke she really likes, I type in “Quote About Love”. And since I can’t be bothered to trawl through websites, I select Images and the first one I see had this quote:

Love Quote

I can’t begin to tell you how perfect this quote is for Zoe, Libby and the whole NAS plot. It’s so freaking perfect I’m thinking of using it as the epigraph. How cool is that an little hunt for a window-dressing quote could give me the thread that ties the book together? Cx

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